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What is interior designing? Courses, colleges, job options and salary for interior designer.

Looking for interior designing course? Then you are at right place here. 

In earlier times people preferred to live a simple life. But today is the era of fashion and people decorate their houses as well.

Nowadays people want to make their home much more organized in order to live in less space. People use their art or sometimes expert help to decorate the house.

These experts are called interior designer. And the art of decorating and arranging the interior of the house is called interior designing.

Today, when everyone builds a new house, it is his desire to get his house decorated with an interior designer. 

With the increasing trend of interior decoration of homes, interior designing is becoming a fast emerging career.

That is why we thought why not make an article on how to become an interior designer, which gives a good career option for the youth.

Today, in this article, we have given you full information about interior designing, how to start it and which courses are held for it, Then you are going to know the answers to all such questions in this article.

So let's first know what is interior designing?

What is interior designing ?

Designing the interior of the house properly and understanding the needs of its clients and decorating the house according to their wishes is called interior designing.

The work of decoration is associated with environment, psychology and architecture which accomplishes this task is called interior designer.

The work of an interior designer is very artistic and creative who gives a new look to everything in the house and using his creativity makes the house beautiful and useful.

Interior designing is not limited only to the decoration of the houses but its work area has expanded to activities like apartments, bungalows, building, office, hospital, hotels and restaurants etc. 

The responsibility of the interior designer begins after the architecture work is over. From the design outline to the design, the work of an interior designer is the same.

It is the interior designers who plan the furniture, wall colors, curtains etc. to be installed inside the house or building. 

For those who are interested in organizing things or doing any creative work, there is a good option to make a career in this field. 

To be a good interior designer you must also have very good quality. Like the job of interior designer is to make the house look beautiful according to the client's budget. 

Also it is necessary to have a good knowledge about the place so that even the smallest space can be made attractive.

An interior designer should have not only artistic but also technical qualities. Designers have to meet a lot of people for home decoration and talk to them.

And it is necessary to have the ability to communicate effectively in such situations so that the client can understand and trust him 

Apart from this, the nature of the designer should also be tolerant and polite. So that clients like him and also tell others about his work.

Interior designing courses.

Before taking training, it is most important to get admission in the right course. For the course of interior designer, it is mandatory to pass 12th class.

And this 12th also should be from a recognised institute with PCB or PCM subjects with at least 55% marks. 

Only then you will be eligible for the course of interior designing. And after that you can get admission in a good designing institute.

To be a successful interior designer, you must have high level designing skills. And to improve this quality, you should get education in subjects related to art or design.

Both diploma and degree level courses in interior designing are available. This is the best course for those students who are interested in designing.

This course teaches the student how to make available resources more attractive and convenient and how to increase their usefulness.

There are many private and government institutions which offer these courses the duration of which varies.

Admission to these institutions is usually given on the basis of entrance examination. 

After passing the 12th standard, a student aspiring to become an interior designer has to take entrance examination at the institute where he has to take admission.

After clearing the entrance exam conducted by the designing institute, the student gets admission in the institute where he can pursue degree or diploma courses as per his wish.

It usually takes 4 to 5 years to complete a Bachelor degree course. Apart from this, the diploma course takes 1 to 2 years to complete. 

Some of the fundamental concepts of principles related to interior designing are taught in the diploma course. 

When it comes to available courses to become an interior designer then:

 1. Bachelor of architecture in interior design.
 2. Graduate diploma in designer furniture and interior.
 3. BA Hons. interior architecture and design.
 4. Bachelor in designing.
 5. Graduate diploma interior space and furniture design.
 6. BSc interior designing.
 7. Undergraduate professional diploma program   8. Furniture and special design.
MBA in interior design.

Interior designing salary.

When it comes to salary, in the initial phase an interior designer can get a salary of 25000 to 30000/month by working in a company.

Not only this, gradually even more good salary can be found on the basis of experience. It completely depends on his creativity. 

And such interior designers who start their own business, they can earn according to their capacity. 

In addition, an interior designer can contract for a project in which they can earn well. In some projects, the designer gets the money on a daily basis. 

How to become an interior designer?

The interior designer should know the history of design. Apart from this, it is also necessary to have the skill to work keeping houses and buildings in mind, knowledge of building codes, cad etc.

An interior designer should have knowledge of designing different areas. Because he not only has to decorate the house, but the field of his work is very big.

It is also needed by builders, architect and different government agencies. To become a successful interior designer, you must have knowledge of working in all these fields.

To learn all this, a course in interior designing is done. The interior designer uses creativity and his knowledge to make any place or building beautiful and lavish.

For which practical experience is necessary. After doing an interior designing course, initial training is needed to work practically.

During training, working under the guidance of an experienced designer gives the knowledge to design practical interior and use it correctly. 

So that he will not have trouble with getting work in companies. Practical knowledge increases the work efficiency of the students and makes them more capable and perfected than before.


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Best institute and colleges for interior designing courses.

After knowing about the course of interior designing, so now we know from which institute you can do interior designing courses. 

We are telling you about some famous institutes of India from where you can do interior designing courses and their names are:

 1. International institute of fashion technology, New Delhi.
 2. International polytechnic for women, New Delhi
 3. JD institute of fashion technology.
 4. JJ school of arts, Mumbai.
 5. National institute of Design, Ahmedabad
 6. College of architecture, Nashik
 7. Vogue institute of fashion technology, Bangalore
 8. Arch academy of design, Jaipur.
 9. Saint Francis institute of art and design, Mumbai. 
10. National institute of fashion design, Chandigarh.

Interior designer job options. 

Nowadays interior designers have become quite popular. Everyone wants to get interior designing done in their house, apartment etc 

And for this people also look for a good interior designer. A designer can work in any good interior designing company or farm.

Or he can open his own business and also do interior designing. There are more jobs in film and television industries, theaters, exhibition centers, construction farms, event management companies etc.

That is why there is a lot of opportunity to make a career in interior designing. 

An interior designer can work as an event manager, product designer, interior designer, design manager, design consultant, textile designer, architect designer etc.

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In Conclusion

And guys this was the information about interior designing. And I hope you must have got all the information related to interior designing. So with this, I would say that this is the golden opportunity for becoming an interior designer if you have creativity and designing talent. 

Along with this if you have any related query you want to ask then you can freely ask in the comment section and let us know by commenting what you want to ask from us.


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